Friday, September 13, 2013

Its been awhile....

I realize it has been forever since I have posted an entry on here and I feel like I have abandoned my tiny blog. I have reasons for not posting which include moving to a different state and trying to find jobs while staying with my brother.

We moved to SC 2 weeks ago and me and my husband have been job hunting since before we even hit the state with no luck yet. We are staying with my little brother in his 2 bedroom townhouse; so me, my husband and our 2 kids are all crammed together. Lets hope we find jobs soon and can get into our own place before long.

This month also seems to be the month of everything expiring; my nursing license (which I need to transfer to this state but don't have the money to do so at this point, which is hindering my job hunt) and my drivers license from NY also expires next Thursday on my birthday. I am waiting on my birth certificate from NY to transfer that which will hpefully arrive before then otherwise I might have to start all over which will not be a good thing as I am the sole driver between my husband and me.

On the flip side homeschooling Tayler through the k12 program has been doing pretty good. I can't open any documents on my computer from them as my computer is about to bite the dust and it won't let me but the school has been pretty considerate on that aspect. Hopefully she continues to do well so I can prove people wrong about homeschooling her. No one really wanted me to homeschool her as she has learning incapabilities due to her NF that cause me to spend more time then necessary doing all her lessons with her. I have kept her out of special education this long and I plan to continue to do so. NF will not hinder her and I will continue to teach her that it does not make her who she is but instead is just a part of who she is.

On that note I will leave this post at that and add more posts throughout the weekend and week now that we are a bit more settled. Wish me luck because I need it right now.


  1. All the luck in the world to you! Have faith, things will fall into place.. Keep us posted! :-)

  2. Thanks! Sorry it took so long to respond. So far still have not found a place to live and faith is faltering a little as our deadline to find one is fast approaching