Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My dream job

If I was ever asked what my dream job was it would be A stay at home Mom and Wife. I have worked since I was 14 doing everything from babysitting, U.S. Army, waitressing, bartending and nursing. I have missed almost everything with my daughter who is almost 10 and only seen my sons first steps because he happened to do it on Labor Day and the office was closed so I was home. I love my job as a nurse and I love helping other people, but I would like to become more involved with my kids lives and be able to actively help with fundraising for NF research.

I envy the moms that get to stay home everyday and have special moments with their kids on a daily basis and be more active with them. I want to be the one raising my kids and baking delicious treats for them and cooking gourmet dinners for my family. I don't understand how some of these truly lucky women who stay home and squander the time they have with their families by arguing with their spouses and yelling at their children.

I would choose to be like my mother who was a stay at home mom when we were growing up. My mom never missed a school project, had cookies baking year round, did our homework with us, made homemade snacks for us to take to schools and so much more. I never thought I'd say it but today I would be like my mom and be with my kids, she had the right idea back then.

Hopefully one day before it's too late I too will have my dream job and no longer miss out on anything big or small I want to be there for it all.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My niche

This Is Going To Look Odd As My Phone Seems To Think It Needs To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. But I Still Wanted To Make A Post As It Has Been Awhile. I've Been Doing Research On Blogging And Such, I Know Sounds Odd But Like I Said I'm A Newbie To This So I Figured It Wouldn't Hurt To Look Around.

While Reading Other Peoples Tips On What Made Their Blog Successful They Almost AllMentioned That They Had A Niche. Some People Have Parenting Blogs,Gardening Blogs,Marriage Blogs Etc. Which I Really Liked Some Of Them And Subscribed To Them.

So Then I Started Thinking About What My Niche Would Be To Draw In Readers And Followers. And I Decided That I Just Wanted To Be Me. I Can't Give Expert Marriage Advice Because I've Only Been Married For A Over A 1 1/2 Years. I Can't Give Expert Parenting Advice Because I'm Not Perfect As A Mother, I Make Mistakes Everyday And I Learn From Them. So While I Can Say Parenting Is Trial And Error And Will Share Things That Have And Have Not Worked With My Kids Along The Way With My Faux Pas That I Have Made Along The Learning Process I Am Just Me.

I Am Not Afraid To Be Me And After What Seems Like A Lifetime I Am Both Happy And Proud To Be Me. I Am Married To My Best Friend, Have 2 Kids Who I Love Dearly Even Though They Do Drive Me Nuts Sometimes And Have A Supportive Family.

I Hope That Others Will Like Me And Help This Lil Blog Of Mine Get Up And Running Because I Have Big Plans For It I Just Need Some Help From ya'll.

Monday, March 18, 2013

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Seriously lacking

I am seriously lacking on making this blog what I want it to be. I finally have some semblance of Internet at my house, so I have been trying for the past 3 hours to make my own grab button and join bloggin sites like Blog Lovin so I can try to get some followers. I have managed to join Blog Lovin but have yet to be able to claim my lil blog on there. However I did manage to find some blogs that look really interesting. I really hope I can get some stuff done soon as I realize I have the most boring blog on the Internet as we speak and desperately hoping to change that and gain a faithful readership. So if anyone does happen to come across this blog who wouldn't mind helping a newbie like myself, please feel free to leave your advice or any kind of assistance. Any and all will be taken into consideration and probably used as long as I feel it does not stray from who I am or what I ultimately want this blog to be. With that being said I am going to go see if I can make any more progress on anything I have been trying to do tonight before calling it quits for the day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

No longer afraid

It took until I was 30 to break out of my comfort zone when it concerned my hair and wearing makeup. I was always such a tomboy growing up more interested in sports and climbing trees that I never cared what I looked like. As I got older I just got insecure abouy howvI looked but didn't know how to fix it.
So I decided that 30 would be my break out year. I cut my hair into a bob that I actually love, put make up on even on the weekends and vowed that my sweatpants and hoodies would be saved for wearing to bed or when I was sick only. The reason I was no longer afraid to try new things is rather husband. Doug is brutally honest with me when I ask him questions and I'm glad he is otherwise I might never have broken out of my shell. I know Doug loved me even with no makeup and sweatpants and hoodies on but I feel better when we go somewhere and he looks so proud to be seen with me.
Granted I still have to wear scrubs to work but that does not mean that I also don't have to do my hair and makeup. I can no longer use the old ponytail standby and I'm glad. Although this means that I will actually have to get up on time now :).
So here's to one of my new beginnings and a lesson to everyone out there that it is never to late or you are never too old to change something about yourself.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I am currently...

Thought I would do a post about what I am currently doing so here goes.
I am currently counting down the seconds until work is over with.
I am reading Fifty Shades of Gray (and loving it)and also reading A Collection of American Short Stories.
Listening to the radio which is playing one of my favorite singers who I would love to meet Blake Shelton.
And last but not least heading home to my hubby and kids.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To the love of my life

Today is a special day, today is the day that the love of my life was born. He turns a whooping 33 today, but shhh don't tell him I told you he's being overly sensitive about his age. But if he had not been born today I would not have met my soul mate, my best friend, the shoulder I cry on, the father of our son, the most wonderful stepfather my daughter could have asked for,the keeper of my innermost secrets, the man who has stayed by my side even when I was being an idiot and still loved me. Without him I would be nothing.
It wasn't always easy but I guess things that are worth it never are. He is definitely worth walking through fire for and fighting for. It took a pretty rough patch that we went through that was caused by me to make me truly open my eyes and see how lucky I am to have this man. I love him more than I thought possible.
So before I get too mushy on here I'll end this with a simple Thank God you were born today and thank God for bringing you into my life I could not have asked for better because you are the best there is. I love you for always and a day

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This blog...

With this blog I am not out to try and change the world, I am not trying to force people to believe in a certain thing or force them to like my opinions.
This blog is used for my opinions, beliefs and personal goings on in my life. I will use this blog to raise awareness for Neurofibromatosis as it affects my life personally thru my daughter. There is not enough people that know about this and research funding has been threatened to be cut. Yes it is a rare disease that few people have heard about but that doesn't mean a cure should be given up on.
This blog is my own and if you do not like it I am not forcing you too look at it. Do I want followers, Heck yeah I do! Do I want this to grow into something bigger, Heck yeah! And hopefully with time it will.