Sunday, March 10, 2013

No longer afraid

It took until I was 30 to break out of my comfort zone when it concerned my hair and wearing makeup. I was always such a tomboy growing up more interested in sports and climbing trees that I never cared what I looked like. As I got older I just got insecure abouy howvI looked but didn't know how to fix it.
So I decided that 30 would be my break out year. I cut my hair into a bob that I actually love, put make up on even on the weekends and vowed that my sweatpants and hoodies would be saved for wearing to bed or when I was sick only. The reason I was no longer afraid to try new things is rather husband. Doug is brutally honest with me when I ask him questions and I'm glad he is otherwise I might never have broken out of my shell. I know Doug loved me even with no makeup and sweatpants and hoodies on but I feel better when we go somewhere and he looks so proud to be seen with me.
Granted I still have to wear scrubs to work but that does not mean that I also don't have to do my hair and makeup. I can no longer use the old ponytail standby and I'm glad. Although this means that I will actually have to get up on time now :).
So here's to one of my new beginnings and a lesson to everyone out there that it is never to late or you are never too old to change something about yourself.

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