Sunday, March 24, 2013

My niche

This Is Going To Look Odd As My Phone Seems To Think It Needs To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. But I Still Wanted To Make A Post As It Has Been Awhile. I've Been Doing Research On Blogging And Such, I Know Sounds Odd But Like I Said I'm A Newbie To This So I Figured It Wouldn't Hurt To Look Around.

While Reading Other Peoples Tips On What Made Their Blog Successful They Almost AllMentioned That They Had A Niche. Some People Have Parenting Blogs,Gardening Blogs,Marriage Blogs Etc. Which I Really Liked Some Of Them And Subscribed To Them.

So Then I Started Thinking About What My Niche Would Be To Draw In Readers And Followers. And I Decided That I Just Wanted To Be Me. I Can't Give Expert Marriage Advice Because I've Only Been Married For A Over A 1 1/2 Years. I Can't Give Expert Parenting Advice Because I'm Not Perfect As A Mother, I Make Mistakes Everyday And I Learn From Them. So While I Can Say Parenting Is Trial And Error And Will Share Things That Have And Have Not Worked With My Kids Along The Way With My Faux Pas That I Have Made Along The Learning Process I Am Just Me.

I Am Not Afraid To Be Me And After What Seems Like A Lifetime I Am Both Happy And Proud To Be Me. I Am Married To My Best Friend, Have 2 Kids Who I Love Dearly Even Though They Do Drive Me Nuts Sometimes And Have A Supportive Family.

I Hope That Others Will Like Me And Help This Lil Blog Of Mine Get Up And Running Because I Have Big Plans For It I Just Need Some Help From ya'll.

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