Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yesterday I shared how I'd been having some small anxiety attacks and had a much larger one at work and how I use music to cope. A couple people asked me about different kinds of anxiety attacks. Yes there are people who have anxiety attacks where they are crying and also might rock back and forth either separately or at the same time. There's mine where I tend to just shut down and appear zoned out. There's ones where the person just stop talking. What I'm saying is no ones is the same but all should be taken seriously. 

I have had it pointed out to me that when I'm particularly anxious about something I'll bite my nails and pick at my lips. I've been so anxious before that I've picked my lips til they bled. Its not a good thing and doesn't look particularly attractive either.

There are different coping skills for everyone the key is to just find yours. And to remember that just because you have anxiety or anything else you are still a great person with so much to offer the world.

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