Friday, June 10, 2016

RED Friday and some thoughts

Today is Friday which makes it RED Friday. RED Friday is for our service men and women who are still deployed but are definitely not forgotten. Until they all come home we will remember and pray for them. We as a nation should stand behind the people who make it possible for us to have our freedoms. We should also work to ensure that the services they need when they come home are more readily available to them because they deserve to be treated better.

I went MIA yesterday due to feeling like a burden and not wanting to bother anyone. Outside of my family I talk to 2 people and I feel like those 2 people are tired of talking to me. So since I'm going thru some shit I decided to hermit myself into my house away from everyone except my kids. Its not like they exactly missed talking to me anyways. Sometimes I wonder if I walked off the planet how long it would take anyone to notice I was gone. 

But that's all I have for now. I hope yall enjoy your weekend! 

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