Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ruts v. Routines

We all have normal routines we do. Up in the morning, dress for work, get the kids up and ready for school, go to work etc. Eventually though those everyday routines turn into ruts and then you get bored, frustrated and snippy or at least I do. 

I hate the feeling of being in a rut. It grates on my nerves and I never seem to be able to just see iI'm in a rut and just change things up a bit. Instead I keep the pattern and get mad about it.

That is all changing now. Now that I know the signs of "rutting" I'm going to start doing things to stop it before it gets out of hand. Like tomorrow I am going to add a workout routine of some sort to my day to shake it up. 

Kinda feeling better already.

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