Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday! Easter seems to have come too quickly this year. As I was explaining Lent to Tayler last night, she made me wonder how all this got so far out of whack. She thought Easter was just about the egg dying, Easter dinner and the Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. This brought on a kind of problem for me as I was trying to explain it without bursting her bubble since she still believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa. Which is fine by me because I hate admitting that she is growing up.
So without bursting her world I explained to her about Jesus Christ rising again and this was a celebration of that. She understood that and was happy that we still celebrated. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn't think we celebrated Jesus enough. This actually kind of hurt me and has made me realize that we need to start going back to church. I took responsibility for that because we haven't been to church in years. It's not that I don't believe because I definitely believe that there is a higher power out there.

So with all that being said and tomorrow being Lent everyone is supposed to give up something. I think I will give up..... being so pessimistic about everything.

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