Thursday, February 28, 2013

The music I love

So many people are surprised when I say all I listen to is country music (unless my hubby is in the car & that is only because I have not yet converted him 100%). They get even more shocked when I say I've been listening to it since I was in 5th grade and I'm responsible for getting my parents to listen to it as well. I guess I love it so much because no matter what mood I am in or what kind of day I am having or whatever life is throwing at me I can always find a country song that fits and I can relate to. And when I had my violin I could teach myself to play my favorite songs, 4 bows later I nailed The Devil went down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels in 4th grade. Man I miss my violin and really want to get another one.
But anyways, I also love the music because it teaches you things as well. It taught me to never be ashamed of who I am so now even though I have been living in NY for almost 5 years I no longer try to hide my twang when it comes out. I also will rock a sundress and boots and not care if people up here look at me funny. It taught me to always follow your dreams because as the song goes," one year they repossess your truck and the next you make a couple million bucks". Now I am not saying that I will ever even see a million bucks but if you don't follow your dreams and give up instead you will never know what is just waiting out there for you. It taught me to never forget where you came from, how to love, how a man should treat you and what to do if he doesn't ;) (Miranda fans will understand the last part). There is so much that it has taught me and continues to teach me that I could write forver and not run out of words. So for the sake of not writing a novel about my love for the music and culture I will stop now :). And of course going back to listening to Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Thomas Rhett, Reba, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Lady A, The Band Perry and all my other favorites!

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