Monday, February 18, 2013

What has happened??

What happened to teaching your kids to have a work ethic, earning what they want and having pride in themselves and their accomplishments?
I was raised in a house where at the age of 5 you had chores and my allowance was .25¢ a week ( it was a whopping $5.00 by the time I graduated high school). If I wanted something I had to earn it. I wanted a TV in 3rd grade to play my Nintendo on I saved and saved and by the end of summer was able to buy a black and white tiny TV at a yard sale. I also bought most of my games and let me just say that I treated them a whole lot better than if they had just been given to me because I wanted them. 
People look at me funny today when I tell them that my daughter earns what she wants.  That was how I was raised and I wanted her to have the joy in telling people I earned or bought this. I wanted her to have a good work ethic from the very beginning and pride in everything she does. She actually is starting to understand this and is taking pride in more. I will continue this lesson on with my son as well because that is how things should be. I have worked for everything I have and have no shame even if it is not shiny and brand new, I can still call it mine.
Too many kids are having everything handed to them willy nilly and not having any respect for how they got it. If it breaks or gets lost they don't care because they know mom and dad will just replaceit anyways. I'm not knocking the parents that do this either, we all want more for our kids than we had growing up. Lets not lose sight of things though along the way.

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