Monday, February 25, 2013

New adventure

Over the weekend I discovered two new adventures for my family and I. The first one is MMA. I know you're probably thinking why would anyone want to get hit and what not, but MMA is so much more than just beating people up and/or getting beat up. It teaches discipline, mind and body strength among other things. So after discovering The Power of 1 MMA at our local mall we were ecstatic! We plan on going as a family and my husband and I want to advance all the way to a full teacher and then open up our own business.
The second adventure goes along with the first. I decided back in November I wanted to eat healthier. I was eating better as far as fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, but I had no clue as to portion sizes or how to balance every meal correctly. Now thanks to my mom I have a great list to start from. And I can get the kids and husband in on it as well to make our entire family healthier! 
I can not wait to get started on these adventures! I am so excited it's like Christmas morning for me!

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