Thursday, July 18, 2013

Any success stories?

As I am sitting here with my cup of coffee at 9:15pm, I am applying to a lot of jobs via CareerBuilder and Monster. As many of you know who have read this we are on the verge of moving and have been staying with my mom and stepdad who have been awesome this whole month. My dilemma is I would rather work from home. I have worked in a medical office as a nurse for the past 2 1/2 almost 3 years but I really don't want to work outside of the home anymore. I have missed so much of my kids lives as they have been growing up. Tayler is 10 and has pointed out that I have always worked since she was born. She would rather me be back in school and home then working so that when she needs me I'm there. I would also be more available for all her doctor appointment and what she considers her life crises. I would also be there for Eathan who is 3 and 100% boy. He does not stop from the time he wakes up until I make him go to bed, the only problem with that it I'm exhausted after working all day and don't always want to play Power Rangers with him or run around the yard and I want that part of my life, I want him to have those memories as well as my daughter. Doug fully supports me in this endeavor as he would like to see me go back to school as well. Our problem is actually finding a company that will let me work from home. I don't want to work for one of those companies that you have to buy into and then are commissioned based or something like that. I want a legitimate job with a legitimate company. I am not saying that these companies are not legitimate, but I can not afford to hand out money to start working. My question to anyone who is reading this is: Do you have any advice, tips, success stories from what you have done or what someone you know has done? Any and all advice/comments are welcome and will be taken into consideration.


  1. Hope the job hunt goes well!

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