Monday, July 8, 2013

Time for change

I decided that with everything that has been going in my life it was time to make some changes. I have been trying to quit smoking for the past month and until recently was doing exceptinally well, then life happened and I fell off the bandwagon. I decided that I would make at least two changes this week. I want to be healthy for not just myself but my kids and husband as well, I need to be around for as long as possible ( who else will torture my husband the way I can? :) ). So I decided that one change I am starting this week is eating healthier. I am the biggest junk food addict you will probably ever meet, but today I took this to work instead for lunch:
This salad was incredibly delicious! Who knew that spinach leaves, mushrooms, tomato and cheese with a light garlic vinagarette would be so great! The other change I am going to make this week is too start NOT smoking again. This was an incredibly bad habit that I started when my daughter was 6 months old and the one thing in my life that I regret starting. Before then I was anti smoking and couldn't even stand the smell of the cigarettes. So here's to hoping that I can get back on track again! I will keep you posted with my progress whether I am doing good or not. I figure the more people that know my plans the more people I have to motivate me!

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