Thursday, July 25, 2013

Homeschooling thru a charter school

I have wanted to homeschool Tayler for a couple of years now. She gets left behind put pushed to the next grade at the same time. I have begged the school for an IEP or a 504 plan but they refused stating they did not have the extra staff to spend extra time with her on math and that I should be doing math with her at home. Little did they know until me and Tayler went to a conference with her teacher and principal that not only was I sitting with her and helping her with ALL her homework but I was also devoting at least 2 hours a day just to flashcards and math games to help her. They could not believe that after working a full time job I was coming home and spending all that time with her. Tayler does have some learning disabilities due to the NF1, but she can learn the age appropriate stuff as long as someone is willing to go the extra mile with her and help her more. They finally agreed to have the teacher do some extra help with her in the mornings and to cut her literature circle time in half to give the teacher time to help her then too. I felt like this was great that she was finally getting help she needed, but at the same time she was losing out on her group discussions about the book they were reading. I looked into homeschooling and charter schools. Because we live in NY state charter schools, which are online schools, are not acceptable but private charter schools are. The private charter schools were more expensive than the private schools in the area! Homeschooling really wasn't an option as I worked full time during the day and my husband works full time on overnights. When we found out we were moving to SC I decided to look up charter schools again. I found one through and was amazed when watching the video for the school! I immediately started getting the necessary paperwork in and explaining our situation to them. They have been extrememly helpful and I already have her course listings, which include built in math tutoring and an extra life skills class. Tayler needs OT, PT and neurocognitive testing once we move. With the charter school it is still very regimented in that she can not miss more than 10 days or she will be kicked out of the school, but when we have our appointments as long as she has an internet connection she can attend school. This was a big thing for me she doesn't have to miss school anymore. And because SC accredits the school it is free, we have to supply the laptop, webcam and headset so she can see and talk to her teacher as well as hear them and the internet. But for the amount of help she is going to get this is a small price to pay! I will keep you updated as the school year progresses but I hope this is a dream come true for her!

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